28 – 30 April 2017

Cyber Security, Blockchain, Automation & Robotics, User Experience,
Digitalisation, Big Data: hot topics that affect today’s world.

Jump Start Event

Are you keen on learning, how our cross-functional teams react to these
disruptive technology challenges? If yes, come and join us on an exciting
three-day workshop in Barcelona. Our Jump Start Event will have a
main focus on technical topics and how they affect the business. We will
get you a real feel for what it is like to work as a consultant. The days
themselves will be jam-packed with a business case, skill sessions, networking
and lots of fun.

Register now

Check out the event page deloitte.com/ch/careers > students, where you can
find all required qualifications and skills. Deadline for submitting your
application is 2 April 2017.